Friends Of Liverpool

After a vital victory against Aston Villa at Anfield on Saturday, Manager Brendan Rodgers managed to find time in his post-match interviews to have a go at some of his critics:
“ I am pretty confident that there is a group of people that don’t want me to be manager here. In all competitions we have lost less games than Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal. The hysteria around ourselves is interesting to note.

“We have lost two games, which is equal to Tottenham and Manchester United. We stand very calm, work very hard every day and we’ll get the rewards.

Brendan Rodgers will have relieved some of the pressure on him with the win against Aston Villa
“But I think it is clear. Sometimes we haven’t lost a game but we haven’t performed well and I think, from the hysteria around it, it is pretty clear there is maybe something else going on from behind. I’m talking about people outside of here.”

Quite why a Manager who has just won his first game in 6 should not anticipate criticism during that time, is beyond me.

No matter the team, if, as Manager, you run a team that has been playing poorly, scoring only 1 goal a game and getting bad results, then you should expect negative comments, no matter where they come from.

Liverpool and Brendan Rodgers should be happy with the win over Aston Villa and it has been the result of a much more attacking attitude in our last three games.

Questions still remain over the defence with the normally assured Momo Sakho out jumped twice by Gestede for both of Villa’s goals.

Anyway as a Liverpool fan, I was delighted with the win and lets hope we have finally turned a corner with results to improve from now on.