Friends Of Liverpool

Patrice Evra has made a shocking and highly inappropriate gesture towards Luis Suarez and more importantly, the Boston bombing tragedy in the US by picking up a grotesque fake severed arm during Man Utd’s title-winning celebrations last evening.

Clearly he was reacting to his Liverpool old-foe Luis Suarez, who bit the arm of Chelsea’s  Branislav Ivanovic on Sunday.

There is previous history between Evra and Suarez over the “Negrito” affair last season resulting in Suarez receiving an 8-math ban.

Then there was the refusal of the Liverpool striker to shake Evra’s hand at their next encounter, leading to further sour-grapes with the petulant Frenchman.

However, Evra has now committed the Cardinal error of disrespecting the Boston bombing victims who lost limbs just like the one Evra held to his mouth, disgraceful behaviour.

If the FA are going to through the book at Suarez, which they will, then they must also direct their attentions towards Evra’s outrageous behaviour!