Friends Of Liverpool

Luis Suarez took time out from his preparations for Uruguay’s fixtures this weekend to rebuff the widespread criticism of his silly dive at Anfield in the 0-0 draw with Stoke last Sunday.

“Everyone should focus on their own team,” he told Ovacion.
“Those who want to talk can do so, I am not worried about what they say.
“They can keep talking and in the meantime I will keep on playing football and taking care of my team and what I do. Nothing else matters.”
Suarez says that as long as he has the full support of Reds boss Brendan Rodgers, then the opinion of rival coaches and players matters little.
He added: “The support of the coach is very important to me and that’s what I really care about.”

Well said Luis, the furore over that inoffensive dive has reached epic proportions and is totally over the top.

What about the blatant stamp by Robert Huth on Suarez’
mid-riff that went totally unpunished by the ref on the day?

Surely that deserves far more criticism as it was an actual foul and a definite sending-off offence.