Friends Of Liverpool

Alex Ferguson has voiced his opinion again of the Suarez-Evra incident and he believes it contributed to Kenny Dalglish’s sacking at Liverpool.
If that were true then Suarez would have been sold and King Kenny would still be in a job, Ferguson!

Dalglish was dismissed at the end of the season after a dismal Premier League campaign which ended with Liverpool in eighth spot.

Suárez was found by the Football Association to have racially abused the Manchester United defender Patrice Evra at Anfield last October.

A subsequent eight-match ban and £40,000 fine was followed by Liverpool players wearing T-shirts in support of their South American team-mate, with Dalglish opting to keep the argument rumbling on rather than apologising.

Suarez’s failure to shake hands with Evra prior to the Premier League rematch at Old Trafford in February forced the Liverpool owner, John Henry, to intervene.

Ferguson, speaking on United’s South African tour in Durban, feels the episode did not do much for Dalglish’s standing among the Liverpool hierarchy.
“I wasn’t surprised at Kenny leaving,” said Ferguson.

“John Henry has obviously looked at that ,the Suárez incident, and felt it wasn’t handled in the right way.

It certainly wasn’t a nice thing to happen and it must have been part of it.

“Suárez has kept the matter rumbling on by saying in an interview in Uruguay that United exert too much power at the Football Association and it is that which led to him being found guilty.

Dalglish’s replacement, Brendan Rodgers, has reacted by stating it is time to move on from the episode.
“It’s not going to go away if Suárez keeps on making headlines out of it,” said Ferguson.

Well Whiskey-Nose, it is none or your business so keep out of it.
I have gone out with three coloured girls in my time so I am certainly not racist, but I do believe a grave injustice was done to Luis Suarez based on the heresay of one Patrice Evra of Man Utd.