Friends Of Liverpool

With Kenny Daglish’s recent departure from the Anfield hot-seat in favour of Swansea’s Brendan Rodger’s arrival,
I was wondering what King Kenny will do next.

Will he join the media circus at ITV,BBC or SKY, I doubt it very much, Kenny never had much faith in the press as evidenced down the years with his abravise attitude to the media in general.

Will he spend more time on the golf-course, yes he will, he loves the green and leafy surrounds of the range where he plays frequently.

Will he Promote again The Marina Dalglish Foundation which has raised over £1.5 million in cash to benefit Cancer detection, of course he will.

There is talk from new Liverpool Manager Brendan Rodgers that Kenny Dalglish may have a place for him in his set-up describing Dalish as Liverpool legend whom he could never replace.

He has suggested that there may well be an Ambassadorial role or a back-room role for Liverpool’s iconic figure.

He deserves it.