Friends Of Liverpool

So King Kenny has been sacked and it was done in a very unedifying way.
Commanded by Fsg to board a plane to Boston to be held to account over Liverpool’s season by John W Henry.

It has since emerged that Kenny knew his fate before boarding the plane to the States by telling Liverpool stalwart Jamie Carragher: “Its Kenny now, not Gaffer”.

An appalling way to dismiss the Manager summoned from abroad to be sacked from a job that he loved doing.

Now we have the open search for a new manager being played out in public in minute detail.

The world and his wife know that Liverpool had approached Roberto Martinez of relegation warriors Wigan, have been rejected by lowly Swansea’s manager Brendan Rodgers, rejected by Jurgen Klopp of Borrussia Dortmond and are now hoping to persuade Didier Deschamps of Marseilles to join the club.

Never mind the fact that FSG are looking to Pep Guardiola (no chance), and Jurgen Klinsman, God give me strength!

Sky Sports News, the BBC and every little website out there are reporting these developments,
its a bit too much to take.

Liverpool FC used to have a tradition of doing their dealings behind closed doors, in house, away from the public glare, now its being run like a public auction.

FSG this is not the way to do things.

Be more circumspect and make the right decisions behind closed doors or risk running the wrath of the fans.