Minimum Qualifications to Make 2012/13 Liverpool FC Season Considered a Success

Friends Of Liverpool

Posted by Alisha Weiss: Guest Writer on Friends of Liverpool

As the 2011/2012 Premier League, FA Cup, and Carling Cup season comes to a close a lot of Reds fans will be looking to next season to see what’s next.
We’ll have a new kit sponsor in Warrior Sports, new signings, the Europa League, and best of all, hope for a better season.
But with two Cup Finals this year, what are the expectations for next year?

The main objective will definitely be a return to the Champions League, but what about the Premier League? The Premier League duel between Manchester United and Manchester City seem to have dominated the headlines. Is it realistic to see LFC challenging for the title for next season?

I guess that depends on how you view the team…if we’re a couple missing players short of being a contender or further off. I’m of the belief that the longer that this team plays together and gels and learns the system, the better we’ll be. While all signings might not be long-term assets, each has a part to play.
The biggest thing that I’d like to see next year is a return to dominance at Anfield.

Losing points is one thing, but losing at home consistently is another.
Anfield is supposed to be the the Bastion or Fortress of ‘Invincibility’ and that’s what Liverpool football is all about.
Anfield is a special place and having visited there and seen the ins/out’s it’s the spiritual center of the team.
We need 3 points from every match at our home ground. Champions League football. Players dream about and the truth is that it attracts better footballers to CL teams.

We’ve been out of the Champions League for too long, and as Stevie G once said, Liverpool belongs in the Champions League.
So, in the end, I see only a couple targets to put the next season as a huge success:

My 2012/13 targets:
1. Dominance at Anfield
2. Return to Champions League Football
3. Contend for the 2012/13 Premier League Title