Friends Of Liverpool

This furore over Luis Suarez Suarez ‘non-handshake’ with that Evra fella has gone out of control and is totally out of proportion for what has occurred.

True, Suarez is guilty of going back on his promise to shake that man Evra’s hand and he did make a mistake there after previously promising to Liverpool that he would do so.
But “victim” Evra who grabbed him by the arm, tried to break his legs early in the game, only to scythe down team-mate Rio Ferdinand, who also refused to shake Suarez’s hand, is no angel.

“Your sister’s pussy” and repeated rants at Suarez calling him a “South-American, South-American, South-American” show that Evra is no Angel.
When Dirk Kuyt intervened in that match back in October, Mr. Evra forcibly pushed placid Kuyt away, without a booking.

Then to cap it all, he goes on a personal victory March around Old Trafford on Saturday, eventually having to be restrained by Referee Phil Dowd.

That particular Frenchman has behaved very foolishly all throughout the whole sordid affair and he has been extremely
fortunate to emerge unscathed.

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