Friends Of Liverpool

I was amazed earlier today (Wed) when the jury at Southwark Crown Court found Harry Rednapp innocent of avoiding tax payments in an off-shore account in Monaco.

The Spurs Supremo had been under investigation for five years by the Inland Revenue concerning his HBSC account in Monaco’s tax haven.

He has £189,000 stashed away there from his days as Portsmouth Manager under Chairman, Milan Manderic.

‘Arry opened the account under the name of his dog: Rosie 47 .
This was discovered by the Revenue Commissioners and they begun proceedings against everybody’s pal Harry and the dour Croat Milan Mandaric.

The week-long Court Case finally concluded on Tuesday and the jury retired for the day to decide on their verdict and on Wednesday they found Harry Rednapp Not Guilty of dodging tax and national insurance payments.

Speaking on the steps outside London’s Southwark Crown Court, the Tottenham Hotspur manager said: ‘It really has been a nightmare. I’ve got to be honest.
It’s been five years and this is a case that should never have come to court because it’s unbelievable, really.

‘It was horrendous, you know, but it was a unanimous decision.
The jury were absolutely unanimous that there was no case to answer. I’m pleased now we can go home and get on with our lives.

Amazing that a wealthy man in Harry can go to a foreign country on the quiet, lodge £189,000 into a Bank and then cry foul when he is found out.

How has he been found innocent?

I don’t know, can someone please tell me?