Friends Of Liverpool

That man Torres is at it again, criticising his former club when nearly 70% of Liverpool fans are willing to forgive and forget and welcome him back to Anfield.

Speaking to Spanish TV station Canal+ Liga, Torres said: “The Liverpool fans don’t know the truth about why I signed for Chelsea. The fans don’t even know half of what happened.
They don’t know what the people in charge at Liverpool are like – they have a completely different perception of what they are like.

“They made promises that they didn’t keep and I left because I realised I didn’t have time to be part of a project that would take years. I have nothing against the Liverpool fans. I didn’t want to leave Liverpool the way I did but the club lied. I was let down and I don’t understand why the fans hate me.”

Why does FT keep having a go at his former club?
Since his acrimonious departure from Anfield, he has repeatedly criticised his former team.

As for branding John W. Henry and FSG liars, he is making a big mistake.
Our new owners have invested well in the club and will do so again in the January transfer-window, so how can you call them liars Torres?

Content yourself with the Chelsea subs bench and stop moaning about Liverpool FC.

I support the Liverpool players wearing Suarez 7 t-shirts at the Wigan game, I am not racist and neither is Suarez.