Friends Of Liverpool

The FA have given its reasons for Luis Suarez’s eight match ban saying “He gave unreliable and inconclusive evidence in his hearing.”

Here is an extract from the official report:

“The FA’s case, in short, was as follows. In the goalmouth, Mr Evra and Mr Suarez spoke to each other in Spanish. Mr Evra asked Mr Suarez why he had kicked him, referring to the foul five minutes previously. Mr Suarez replied “Porque tu eres negro”, meaning “Because you are black”. Mr Evra then said to Mr Suarez “say it to me again, I’m going to punch you”. Mr Suarez replied “No hablo con los negros”, meaning “I don’t speak to blacks”.
Mr Evra continued by saying that he now thought he was going to punch Mr Suarez.
Mr Suarez replied “Dale, negro, negro, negro”, which meant “okay, blackie, blackie, blackie”.
As Mr Suarez said this, he reached out to touch Mr Evra’s arm, gesturing at his skin.
Mr Kuyt then intervened. When the referee blew his whistle and called the players over to him shortly after the exchanges in the goalmouth, Mr Evra said to the referee “ref, ref, he just called me a fucking black”.

If I were Liverpool FC, I would be very careful about appealing this as their view of events show that the FA are clearly set against Luis Suarez in this case and Luis hasn’t a hope of winning an appeal if this is how the FA see it.

Don’t appeal it Suarez, the FA are out to make an example of you, they will not budge, accept the suspension and come back to us in February when we need you.

Happy New Year fans & others, lets hope its a good one…