Friends Of Liverpool

Nice to see Man Utd getting hammered at home by mega-rich Man City today.

A 6-1 defeat is as bad as it gets for Ferguson’s mob.

While it has belatedly softened the abject disappointment of the 1-1 draw with Norwich City, it does not disguise the glaringly obvious decencies in our team.

Yes we look great going forward, good passing and movement, good inter-play etc..

We are over-reliant on Suarez, as we once were with Torres, Suarez was great against Norwich, terrorising their defence with turned ball and running at the keeper only to see his shots either saved by Norwich keeper, Ruddy or hitting the post or crossbar.

But we are not playing as a team going forward, we look bereft of ideas unless we feed the ball through to Suarez, who now seems to have the World on his shoulders every time he takes on the ball.

We are not solid at the back, Martin Skrtel gives me the Heebee jeebee’s going forward, he lacks passing and scoring ability and its only a matter of time before Agger replaces him for a while in the team.

Kenny Dalglish had this to say after the Norwich draw: “We have got to be careful that we don’t into the habit of saying we are playing well, but we got a point. We have got to start finishing teams off.”

Come the January window we need a quality forward to help Suarez and an experienced centre back to stop us leaking goals every game, get to work David Comolli, otherwise its 6th or 7th again this Season.