Friends Of Liverpool

After tonight’s performance compared to the game against Spurs, the evidence is irrefutable, Andy Carroll is not needed at Liverpool.

Yes he is a good lad and all that but we do not need him in our team, we play abysmal football when he is on the pitch and he was just a panic-buy from Newcastle when Torres left.

I have nothing against the lad but we play better without him.
Liverpool against Brighton where Craig Bellamy, Luis Suarez and Dirk Kuyt played some brilliant passing football on the ground, tearing Brighton to shreds at times is the way forward for our team.

The days of a big lumbering centre-forward are redundant in the Premier League, nowadays most teams play speedy, neat and inventive football designed to unlock packed defences.

The hoofed ball to Carroll is a waste of time and has cost Liverpool points already this Season.
If I were Damian Comolli, I would be looking for a buyer for Carroll right now, no offence Andy but you are a Stoke City,Blackburn or West Brom  type player.

Man of the match: Craig Bellamy