Friends Of Liverpool

With both Manchester teams having very poor results in the Champions League last night, it is  very easy to have a gleeful smile at the two clubs misfortunes.
Best of all was Man Utd lucky to get a draw at home to Basel from Belguim, now the dreaded Utd are 3rd in their group and will have to work hard to qualify for the knockout stages.

Strangely, mega-rich Man City got thumped 2-0 at Bayern Munich,
yes, when you are two goals down Mancini, bring on Nigel DeJong for Edin Dzeko who was totally p***ed off by the move.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Carlos Teves refused to play as a sub in the 2nd half when asked by boss Mancini, incredible stuff.
Mancini now says that Teves has no future at City.

At Anfield, we have players like Stevie G, Craig Bellamy and Dirk Kuyt who are jumping at the chance to get on the pitch.

Looking forward to meeting you both in the League.