Friends Of Liverpool

Liverpool Manager Kenny Dalglish wanted and got to see a refereeing official after Saturday’s defeat to Stoke, a game in which Jamie Carragher was adjudged to have given away a penalty against Jon Walters(he did) and also when two clear penalties were disallowed by the ref when Rory Delap and Mattew Upson hand-balled in the box.

Even Tony Pulis admitted that Delap’s handball was a penalty, but its too little, too late, we lost, despite playing very well.
Kenny Dalglish was so fed-up after the game that he requested a meeting with the Referee’s panel and he was duly met by Mike Riley.
“It was good to see Mike and we had an extremely informative and amicable discussion, which has given us all a better understanding of how things operate,” said Dalglish.

“It’s our job to best represent the club and protect its interests.

“But we have the utmost respect for the job referees do and have never wanted or asked for any form of preferential treatment, simply a level playing field for everyone.

“We will continue to conduct ourselves in a dignified and respectful manner at all times.

“From our perspective it was certainly worthwhile sitting down together and maybe it’s something that should happen more often.”

Lets hope we don’t have to call-in the Ref’s committee too much more this Season.