Friends Of Liverpool

That rag known as The News of the World is to shut-down this weekend.
Following its disgraceful ‘phone-hackings’ of a murdered teenage girl, victims of the 2005 London tube bombings and deceased British soldiers, the ‘newspaper’ was under intense pressure from the public and the parliament to act.
Rupert Murdoch, detested owner of the paper (and other titles The Times and The Sun, of course, which has been boycotted in Liverpool since its outrageous lies about the Hillsborough tragedy), had pulled the plug on the NOTW.
Glad to see the back of it.
He is not just doing this out of a sense of remorse, far from it, he is trying to take total control of BSkyB and he is afraid of losing out on that bid because of the actions of his paper.
Mr. Murdoch, close down the Sun while you are at it.