Friends Of Liverpool

God, not again!Liverpool have once more  failed to buy a proper back-up striker to Fernando Torres.
Despite the change in management at the club, the same issues still remain, the need to provide cover for the brilliant yet injury-prone Fernando Torres.
As Les Lawson so well put it on LFC TVwe have not bought a striker since we got rid of Robbie Keane 12 months ago and no new forward has come in since then.
With Liverpool panicked into player swap deals in an effort to bring an average goal-scorer in Carlton Cole to the club at the 11th hour, it showed how little money manager Roy Hodgson had to play with.
Its a sorry day at Anfield when we cannot afford to buy a second rate forward in Cole, who only gets about 10 goals a season with the Hammers.
Maybe it is a blessing in disguise, with new owners, hopefully in by early October, then we can plan to bring in some top class players.
We live in hope.
Yanks out now!