Friends Of Liverpool

Reports from Tony Barrett in The Times tonight suggest that a Chinese billionaire is in negotiations with RBS to buyout Liverpool FC from hated owners Hicks and Gillette.

Kenny Huang, who has very wealthy backers from the Far East, has bypassed Broughton and Purslow and is negotiating directly with Liverpool’s debtors RBS in a bid to take total control of LFC.
It is rumored that a £325 million buyout of the club is all it will take for the Chinese to own Liverpool outright.
This approach by Huang ensures that RBS will get repayment of the loan that Hicks and Gillette took out to buy the club three years ago.
Huang  is reported to want to push the Liverpool deal through to make use of the transfer window, which closes at the end of August, in order to give substansial funds to manager Roy Hodgson for the new season.
It is also believed that Huang and his associates plan to start building work on the much-awaited, new stadium as soon as possible.
Sounds too good to be true, but by all reports, it may be about to happen, as long as we get rid of Hicks and Gillette on the cheap, then I am happy.