Friends Of Liverpool

Yossi Benayoun has had another go at former manager Rafa Benitez

Benayoun says the training at Chelsea is different to at Liverpool – in that they use a ball.

Benayoun has started training with his new club following his £6million summer move from Anfield.
Chelsea coach Ray (BUTCH?) Wilkins said: “Yossi is doing well.
“He has said the pre-season training here is so different to what they did at Liverpool where they didn’t use a ball.
“They ran and they ran and they ran.
“But here we use the ball all the time and we feel we get the best out of the guys by using the ball day-in, day-out.
I don’t think that the finances are so bad at Anfield that we couldn’t even afford a few footballs Yossi?
Keep your mouth shut or I will lose all the respect I had for you.