Friends Of Liverpool

In an extraordinary insight into the current runnings of Liverpool Fc, Roy Hodgson tonight revealed that he has no say into who is bought and who is sold by the club.
Instead, amazingly, it is temporary MD Christian Purslow who is solely in charge of all transfer dealings at the club,
“If you want to know about transfer targets, and how things are progressing, you’ll have to ask (managing director) Christian Purslow because he’s the man looking after those discussions, not me.”
So we do indeed have “a safe pair of  hands” at our club.
Pity the new manager, his hands are tied already before the season even starts, what chance does he have to make a success of the job if he cannot himself choose the players he wants to bring into the club?
The quickfire sale of Insua tonight is an obvious example of Purslow’s ever growing influence at Liverpool as he was sold, despite Hodgson earlier this week saying “I like him as a person and a player”.
You have got a tough enough job Roy, but now its just got even tougher.