Friends Of Liverpool

What is it with Purslow and Co at Anfield?
The vacant Liverpool manager’s job needs to be filled and soon. Kenny Dalglish is the fans favourite, and mine, for the job.
Yet Managing Director Christian Purslow seems determined to secure the services of Fulham manager, Roy Hodgson.
It puzzles me as to why Purslow is so determined to get his man. Hodgson has not exactly jumped at the chance to manage Liverpool, despite all the overtures towards him thus far.
I would ask the Liverpool MD to take a step back and offer the job to the heir in waiting, Kenny Dalglish, a man with an impeccable CV and a true Liverpool man waiting in the wings to bring back the good times to Anfield.
We are facing the nadir of our club, the deep black hole, the abyss.
The club is £351 million in debt, our bankrupt, corrupt owners are refusing good bids fot the club, we have no manager and vital players are openly talking about leaving.
Dark days at Anfield, Shanks must be turning in his hallowed grave.