Friends Of Liverpool

Kenny Dalglish has thrown his hat into the ring for the vacant Liverpool manager’s job, vacated by Rafa Benitez last week.
While I would love to see King Kenny return to Anfield as manager, I would be very wary if he did so.
For a start, he has been out of football management for a full ten years now.
The game has changed significantly since he left it with Newcastle, ten years ago.
Instead of the free-flowing football of a decade or more, it has been replaced by a rigid 4-5-1 policy by most managers in the Premiership.
Teams set up nowadays by making it hard to beat them, instead of having a go at beating their opponents.
It often makes for a poor spectacle, but that is the Premier League today as we speak.
Kenny, much as I admire your brilliance as a Liverpool player and manager, don’t be taken in by the idiots that now run our club.
Keep your counsel and let them go down the road  that they wish to pursue.
You don’t need the aggro Kenny.