Friends Of Liverpool

Those Yanks are still at it.
Trying to make a fast buck at the expense of Liverpool FC. With an outrageous asking price of £600 million, they are pricing the club out of the market.

Serious bidders like DIC and the Kraft Multinational business groups would love to buy into Liverpool but they and other investors have baulked at the asking price demanded by the hated owners.
It seems that this annoyed the club’s creditors, Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia, who Hicks and Gillette borrowed the money from to fund the purchase of the club in the first place, are now demanding the owners to quickly accept the best offer on the table for the sale of the club.
A serious investor is yet to be found despite the club being officially on the market for over a month due to the £600million price tag, which the high street giant will order them to lower that number to ensure an imminent sale of the club.
.Hicks, again, as is his wont, is trying to squeeze as much cash as he can out of our club before he leaves.
A spell in Guantanamo Bay is where I would send that scumbag!
I see that David Moores has come out in public to say he regrets the day he sold out to Hicks and Gillette.
So you didn’t want to sell to life-long Red, Steve Morgan, Mr. Moores?
He would have built the new stadium by now with the minimum of fuss or expense.
Shame on you David Moores.