Friends Of Liverpool

Dirk Kuyt, that perennial under-achiever at Anfield has come out with a rallying call for Liverpool football club for next season.
Kuyt said: “Liverpool is a massive club.“It’s very disappointing that we don’t have the Champions League because, up until last season, we had done so well in the competition.
“But this is what has happened.
“We have just got to make sure that we will be right back in it next year.
“Players who want to play in the Champions League would like Liverpool.
“We just have to make sure that we will back in it within one year.
“If we can buy a few more players, I think we will be really close to winning trophies again. We just need a little bit more luck and a bit more quality in the team. Everyone knows that.
“In the meantime, everyone who is here needs to work really hard to improve.”