Friends Of Liverpool

Following wins by both Spurs and Man City today against Bolton and Villa respectively, it now looks as if finishing fourth is out of our reach With Spurs on 67 points and City just behind them on 66, we have only a very slim chance of overtaking either team as we have only 62 points to our name.
It would require a draw between those two teams next Wednesday and for them both to lose their final games next Sunday for us to have any chance to get into the Champions League.
Even then we would, at best, be level on points with Spurs, so it would go down to goal difference in that case.
Its possible, I know, but its unlikely to happen.
The only thing we can do if lift our weary bodies for tomorrow’s big game against Chelsea at Anfield.
After the deep disappointment of the exit from the Europa League and the toll extra time took on the players, its going to tough, but we have to try and win this game for the pride of the club.
If we give it a real go then we have a chance of beating a Chelsea team who have had a full week’s rest while we were busting a gut late into Thursday night.
So lets hope for another spirited display for our last home game of the season.