Friends Of Liverpool

After today’s very disappointing draw at home to Fulham, people have been calling for wholesale changes to the team in the close-season. Torres, Carra and now Benitez have been calling for £60 to £80 million to be reed up by the club to buy new players. Yes, I would to see a David Villa, Silva, Aguero or a Ribery or two at the club, but its just not going to happen.
We are deep in debt, as we all know and if the Americans are still in power in the summer, then the most our manger can hope to get is £20 million plus whatever he can raise from selling off Riera, Babel, Degen and co. That we need a quality striker to play alonside Torres and to cover for him when he is injured, has been obvious all season.
We have already signed a forward with a reputation for scoring goals at various clubs in Europe. Milan Jovanovic who is joining us on a free this Summer, freely hits the back of the net for Standard Liege where he has averaged around 20 goals a season. While he may not be the star quality signing that everyone wants, we could have done with him today upfront against Fulham.