Friends Of Liverpool

Fernando Torres spoke of his fears that Premier League may shorten his career.
Speaking to the press, Torres was in cautious mode when he said;”I just can’t imagine what state I’ll be in within five or six years if I continue to play here – it could easily give me problems when I stop playing. The physical level is superior to all other countries.”

He added: “The Premier League is such a tough competition and I have always admired this championship and the players who are here,
“This is my third season and I’m still amazed to see (Steven) Gerrard, (Wayne) Rooney and (Frank) Lampard, players who have been here a long time, still playing at such a high level and with such impressive rhythm because the English league really wears down a player.
Torres then went on to praise his manager Rafa Benitez;”The difference between him and my other managers is that when I was at Atletico I was always over-protected.

“They didn’t ask so much of me,” he said.
“Here, Rafa demands a lot and I have to live up to expectations. Some players need to be spoilt and other players like me need to always be pushed, and to have more asked of us.
“If I score twice in a game I want to hear that I played badly to help me do even better next time.
“Rafa is ruthless and sometimes it is tiring but he knows the right way to deal with me.
“I have put in a lot of effort but you always need someone who brings the best out in you, someone who is very demanding.
“If Rafa had not been here I would never have come. He has taught me a lot and he has helped me go beyond my limits and to be the player I am today.
Torres believes in Benitez, so , hopefuly he will come back to us in August with a clean bill of health.