Friends Of Liverpool

Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez has revealed tonight that his time at Liverpool maybe drawing to an end.
When asked if anyone from the Anfield boardroom had sat down with him and given assurances over his future, he replied pointedly: “No.” He added: “For one year I have been listening to stories about Martin O’Neill taking my job or Klinsmann, Mourinho, Rijkaard or Hiddink.

“But I have to keep doing my job. All I can do is focus on the next game.
“The opportunity to be in a European final is massive for any club. We have some problems with injuries, but we will be ready for the game.
Clearly the new board of Broughton, Ayre and Purslow are sceptical about the club’s future under Benitez.
Why the beleaguered manager has made this public knowledge is familiar to close followers of the club.
When the team is doing badly or has a season like this one, Benitez, bless him, plays the victim.
It has baled him out many times before.
However, much as I like the man, it looks as though the new Anfield hierarchy might well be glad to see the end of the Rafa regime.
I think he should be given one more season to win the league title and if he cannot do that, then its time to say Que Sera, Sera.