Friends Of Liverpool

Great news today. With the effective takeover of the club’s debt by Barclay’s bank and the postponement of the July repayment of £100 by RBS to allow time for our club to be sold by the hated Hicks and Gillette.
There is also likely to be an announcement that funds will be made available in the summer – potentially up to £50million – as Barclay’s Capital, one of the biggest and most respected investment banks in the world offer an interim refinancing package to stabilise the club in the period they need to find new owners.
This is great news, it means Rafa finally has the chance to dip into the market for a  quality centre-forward, a new winger and a decent left back.
There was the very real possibility of Fernando Torres and Steven Gerrard being sold this Summer had Barclay’s not stepped in.
With the probable sales of Riera, Deggen and Babel raising more cash to spend in the transfer window, Benitez will have no excuses and must spend astutely and wisely this Summer to properly compete with the teams from Manchester as well as Chelsea and Spurs next season.
Martin Broughton will take over as chairman of Liverpool FC this week on the orders of RBS.
Hicks and Gillette will also step down from the board as the squeeze is being put on them to sell up by the bank,it is believed the Americans want £500 million for the club, when they only paid £240 million to David Moores three years ago, they will now have to settle for the best offer they can get, well done RBS.
Despite our poor season in the League, we may have something to cheer off the field, at last!