Friends Of Liverpool

On the 21st Anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster when we were somberly remembering the loss of those 96 Liverpool fans, young and old, what do we read in the papers and on the net?

No, not a heart-felt homily to the dead, instead Rafa’s agent Manuel Garcia Quillon touting his boss to the football clubs of Juventus and Real Madrid.
Instead of keeping silent on this day of all days.
When humility and composure is expected, Rafa’s agent was kiteing his boss around Europe when he should have been keeping his mouth shut to respect the dead today.
I understand that stories do get bandied about in the Press and on the Net on the slightest thing, but surely Benitez’s agent could have kept quiet for one day at least.
No, he didn’t, he gave interviews saying Juve want him to sign within ten days, Real Madrid might want him at the end of the season, then saying Rafa wants to stay at Liverpool if he gets loads of cash to improve the team, otherwise he is off, and finally saying some Chinese consortium will buy Liverpool only if Rafa Benitez is retained as Manager.

Seems to me as if Benitez is getting his agent to play the Devil’s Advocate and is using him to strengthen his tenuous position at Anfield.
Very clever Rafa, Machiavellian politics at its best,but it has backfired on you in my opinion.
Revealing your hand when Liverpool is remembering its dead is a serious error on your part, yes you were at the Ceremony at Anfield today and you played your full part, but for me, your time is up.
Go now, in the name of God.