Friends Of Liverpool

Tom Hicks and George Gillette have appointed Barclays to oversee an auction of the club to the highest bidder.
The Americans have finally realised that their time as Liverpool owners is at an end and are looking to gain the highest possible bid for their investment.
That is why they have employed Barclay’s Capital in an effort to get fresh investors into the club.

Martin Broughton
The prospect of full ownership of Liverpool is likely to whet the appetite of many buyers given the prospect of a new stadium and the great traditions of the club.

Martin Broughton, the chairman of British Airways will be confirmed as the new chairman of Liverpool FC early next week, he will play a key role in the sale of the club.
Broughton is a keen sports fan. He is a Chelsea supporter but more importantly, he has alot of experience in handling difficult corporate takeovers. He is to be chairman on an interim basis only to deal with the possible takeover and will not be involved in the day to day running of the club.

The Rhone Group’s offer of ¬£110 million for a 40% stake in Liverpool lapsed last Monday, Hicks wasn’t happy with the deal but if a lucrative offer to buy the club outright comes along, then it seems that finally, we may just see the back of those hated Americans and the dawn of a new era at Liverpool football club.
Sounds to good to be true, lets pray that it does happen.