Friends Of Liverpool

Rafa Benitez has admitted this evening that things are not going well with his players due to the bad season we are having.

“We were not doing well at the beginning (of the season) and we lost a bit of confidence because we couldn’t be contenders but you cannot change what has happened in the past,” he said.

“If you analyse some games we were so close to winning and we lost and in the head of everyone it is not easy to manage.
“That small difference often means you lose three points or win three points.
“In two or three games you concede the gap is too big and then you cannot (change this) and you lose your confidence and that has been the situation this year,” he added.
“This season has been very difficult because expectation was too high and once we lost one or two games it was more difficult mentally for everyone.
“We have had too many injuries to important players but if you put all these players together and are fully fit we play much better.
“We have to keep our confidence and energy and try to do our best until the end.”
Lets hope so Rafa, you are responsible for this Liverpool team and you must shoulder some of the blame for our poor performances this season.

Source: SkySports