Friends Of Liverpool

Torres and Gerrard
After today’s defeat to our hated rivals Man Utd, its time to take a look at our remaing games and also those of our rivals for fourth place.

Liverpool Fixtures:
Sunderland (h)
Birmingham (a)
Fulham (h)
West Ham (h)
Burnley (a)
Chelsea (h)
Hull (a)

Man City Fixtures:
Everton (h)
Wigan (h)
Burnley (a)
Birmingham (h)
Man Utd (h)
Arsenal (a)
Aston Villa (h)
Tottenham (h)
West Ham (a)

Spurs Fixtures:
Portsmouth (a)
Sunderland (a)
Arsenal (h)
Chelsea (h)
Man Utd (a)
Bolton (h)
Man City (a)
Burnley (a)

So while we have lost ground in our quest for fourth place, Man City and Spurs still have tough run ins to the end of the season.
All is not lost and I still believe we are in with a chance of gaining 4th, expect Man City and Spurs to drops points in the rest of the campaign.