Friends Of Liverpool

Alberto Aquilani has spoken after finally starting a game in a Liverpool shirt.
The skillful Italian has spoken to the press and has said:” Its not the season I was expecting when I signed for the club, that’s true, I was expecting to play in the Champions League, to find ourselves competing for trophies.
But it is a long season and there is still time for change. It is a difficult time for me to come into the team, but I am here at Liverpool to make a difference, to help the team out of a difficult time
I need to play,play,play because I’m in a new team, I feel fine now, I feel good and I need to work hard in training so I can play against Arsenal on Sunday.”
Noble words from the impish Italian and it is certainly true that we have had a tough start to the season thus far, out of the Champions League and Premier League race already, before Christmas, lets hope Rafa has the courage to play him against the Gooners on Sunday.
However, the future now, finally, looks bright with Aquilani showing some great touches in his first full game for the Reds and Fernando Torres back on the pitch and looking sharp.
We play Arsenal at Anfield on Sunday and if those two start along with Gerrard and Carra in the team, I am confident we will win the game and move up the table again.