Friends Of Liverpool

Rafael Benitez has revealed that he has been offered other jobs in Europe by clubs wishing to recruit him in the past 3 years.

Speaking to ITV journalists recently, the genial Liverpool boss said: ” I have had offers from many clubs over the last three years, but I want to stay at Liverpool because it is a great club and because of the loyalty of the fans towards me.”

After finishing 2nd to Man Utd last season with only two defeats in the League and amassing 86 points, it is no surprise that Rafa would have been coveted by Europe’s big clubs.
Rafa was obviously feeling the heat when he gave this interview as our season has been poor so far: 11 points behind League leaders Chelsea, out of the Carling Cup and almost out of the Champions League.

He has been repeatedly linked with a return to Real Madrid who have always wanted him to return, one day, to manage the club.
I think Rafa was saying was that if he gets the sack, he has other options in football.

Athletico Madrid are also eyeing him up as they are having a poor season after qualifying for the Champions League last year but they are struggling for form this term.
I say, wait until the end of the season before we reach a verdict on Rafa’s achievements, he hasn’t suddenly become a bad Manager overnight.

What do you think. Should we let him off back to Spain or should we hang onto him?