Friends Of Liverpool

Rafael Benitez, Liverpool Manager with the weight of the World upon him.
Losing playmaker Xabi Alonso in the summer was bad enough but having to replace him with Lucas Leiva was the kick in the goolies I even felt myself, Owwhh!
Half his team not playing well so far including Skrtel, Jamie, Masch and Stevie G.
Losing three games in the League to Spurs (Rednapp is a bore), Villa (O’Neill is a twat) and Chelsea (Pretentious prats), the man must be going mad seeing as how we only lost two games all last season.
Then he has to send his players away on a pointless International break where Torres, Gerrard and Kuyt get injured!
Meanwhile, that billionaire(penniless git) George Gillett decides to have a go at him for having a bad start to the season, claiming he had given Benitez millions, which he did not by the way.
And tonight, Steven Gerrard , despite being injured, wants to stay with the England camp?
That is sending out all the wrong signals and Torres is crocked as well but he will play for Spain in a meaningless match tonight unless his leg falls off!
So what is a public dressing down by the F.A. going to do?
Will it change the fact that referees in the Premier League are idiots?
No. The F.A. just blame team managers instead.
Rafa, you have my sympathies.
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