Friends Of Liverpool

OK. Better performance, bad result yesterday.
Played 8 :won 5 lost 3 in the league, already when we only lost two games in an exceptional season last year.
So, not a good start to the season, but then Liverpool has always been slow starters even going back to the times of Shanks and Paisley yet they won us bucket loads of trophies so that’s a crumb of comfort.
Also we are still adjusting to the loss sadly of our play maker of five years in Alonso, so there were bound to be some readjustment’s and getting the team to gel again without him.
The imminent arrival on the pitch of Aquilani is going to be a big plus-point for us, hopefully, I believe he will make a big difference to the team in terms of setting up attacking moves and scoring goals from midfield, can’t wait to see him in action.
We have a two-week break now to re-group and to get our season back on track and get us up to the top of the table where we belong!
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