Friends Of Liverpool

Reports in the press say that George Gillette is flying to the Middle-East this week in an effort to sell his 50% share in Liverpool Fc.

Great news I am sure you will all agree, that man and his partner Tom Hicks have been a disaster for Liverpool since they stole the club from us over two years ago.

Instead of investing in the club like they promised, they took out huge loans to pay for the original takeover, as we all know. This has left the club owing the banks over£3o0 million with interest payments costing £30 million a year, scandalous behaviour.

So it with delight that I heard one of the penniless con men is trying to sell up and Tom Hicks is prepared to go along with the idea thankfully. The Texan blocked DIC from getting involved before but now has no choice as the banks have told them in no uncertain terms that they must repay the outstanding debt or they will take possession of the club from the devious Yanks.

Lets hope this Prince Faisal is the real deal, that he genuinely wants whats best for Liverpool football club and that he can put up the much-needed finance for the new stadium and that we can compete finally in the transfer market for top class players.

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