Friends Of Liverpool

With news today that Saudi Prince Faisal is looking to buy a 50% stake in Liverpool from dreaded owners Hicks & Gillette, every Liverpool supporter must be delighted.

The Saudi Prince wants to own half the club, for now, at a cost of between £200 to £300 million.

According to Azhari Kowa, a spokesman for the Prince’s Farma Goup, ”Prince Faisel is in London now discussing the purchase.
It is going to be finalised soon.”

The Prince himself said that ”Liverpool is saddled with £220 to £300 million in debt.”

That debt is directly due to the scurrilous Yanks buying our club with borrowed money which we have to pay back at £30 million each year, the scumbags.

Prince Faisel was at the 6-1 drubbing of Hull yesterday alongside Gillette, so I presume the Hicks camp are not totally involved in this.

Lets hope the Tall Texan doesn’t scupper this deal to serve his own interests again.

Lets hope for a change at the top with new people in charge with real money in their pockets instead of American I.O.U.s!

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