Friends Of Liverpool

God, You would think we had just been relegated the way the media and some around Liverpool have reacted to last night’s strange defeat to Aston Villa.
We caused our own downfall last evening thanks to errors by Lucas and Steve Gerrard.
But we had 21 shots with 11 on target compared to Villa’s 6 strikes on goal, we didn’t play badly and did not deserve to get beaten.
It was just one of those nights sadly.
We had a poor pre-season, followed by an opening-day defeat by Spurs where we might have snatched a draw.
Then we went and hammered Stoke to show a return to our best form and everybody was ecstatic, myself included.
So its important not to get too down after last night’s result.
Yes, we are missing Xabi Alonso’s class and skill badly in midfield and Lucas is no replacement.
I would drop him and put Stevie G back in there to push and drive the team forward.
This Aquilani fellow should be ready for action in 6 weeks or less and we are all hoping for great things from him.
What we need to do now is concentrate fully on the next game on Saturday against Bolton, give it a hundred per cent on the day and then we should be fine.