Friends Of Liverpool

So near and yet so far, four points behind winners Man Utd, three ahead of Chelsea, top scorers in the league, only lost twice all season, unbeaten at home, the list goes on and on.

How did we not win the Premiership this season?
We started the season really well being top of the League at Christmas, then we hit a bad patch drawing too many games at home to the likes of Hull, Stoke and Fulham.
Normally this would not have mattered too much but Utd showed no mercy and won game after game to clinch the title despite us regaining our top form.
The question is: Will we get a chance like this again or did we blow it?
Hopefully the answer is no. We have had a great season, doing the double over Utd and Chelsea and Real Madrid.
Man Utd will be very hard to beat again next season, as long as Ferguson is there as manager they always will be. Chelsea are a very good side but might struggle without Hiddink as manager next term.
Arsenal are always hard to beat so that won’t change.
It depends on Rafa and his team.Will he buy well in the summer?
Will Alonso stay, will Barry arrive, will we get a new striker to support Torres?
Its going to be a long summer waiting to find out.