Friends Of Liverpool

Thanks for the comments lads.

I agree with you all, we need to raise our game another notch to challenge Utd for the title.

Even though we dominated the game for ninety minutes, apart from Gerrard’s fine goal, we couldn’t find a way past Jagielka and Lescott of Everton.

Robbie Keane wasn’t even in the squad and it’s said that he stormed out of the ground when he read the team sheet.

So his future is in doubt, according to all in the media.

I’m afraid Rafa didnt really want to buy him in the first place, maybe Rick Parry fancied him at the club, who knows?

It clearly isn’t working out for the lad which is a pity as I really wanted him to succeed at Liverpool.

Is it to soon for tranfer talk or will Harry ‘rent a quote’ Redknapp bring him back to Spurs?

Any how, we play the dreaded Wigan on Wednesday and all I want is three precious points whoever scores.