Sunday, February 14, 2010


With Liverpool currently struggling to just qualify for next season's Champion's League by finishing fourth in this season's Premier League, it is worth remembering the time Frenchman, Gerrard Houllier's time record at Liverpool.

Houllier spent five years as Liverpool manager. In that time he was a reasonable success.

His treble-winning achievement in 2000/01 where he won the League Cup, the FA Cup and the UEFA Cup was a great year for the club.

We finished 2nd in the League behind Arsenal the following year and he won the League Cup in 2002, however his long-ball, defensive tactics drew criticism from the Anfield faithful.

He also won the Charity Shield and the Super Cup before he was sacked by Liverpool to be replaced by the current boss, Rafael Benitez.

The Spaniard won the Champion's League in 2005, as we all remember so well.

He also won the FA Cup the following year in the Stevie G final.

If you compare the two manager's records in charge of Liverpool, it is fair to say that Houllier was more successful than Benitez has been in five years at the club.

I like Rafa and I believe he has what it takes to make us win the Premiership, but he hasn't been an overwhelming success so far, has he?


  1. To be brutally honest you're missing out so many key factors.

    Basing "success" on trophies is all well and true but i noticed how you left out the fact that Benitez has taken us closer than anyone to the title with the highest ever points tally in the premiership for Liverpool in 08/09.

    What about establishing the club within the Champion's League? That was a no go with Houillier hence the UEFA Cup win and not Champs League.

    As you mentioned, tactics were not always favoured but this boils down to more than just tactics. I think you've been very naive here and obviously very selective with you words and mentions, possibly so you can spark debate which has worked.

  2. Hi Kirsty, I enjoy reading your blog.
    I believe in Rafa, yes we play a better style of football nowadays but there are still alot of flaws and deficiences in our game.
    Yes we are a force in the Champion's League which is a big plus in Rafa's favour.

  3. Benitez has not been a success at Anfield, definitely relative to expectations. This season he has started losing the lads, so it is time for him to go and bring a manager with a new approach to the club. We need to refresh the situation. This is not working, and no matter how hard all parties try, it will not work. Tim to move on.

  4. I agree with Tom. While I do feel that Rafa has improved certain apects of the club i.e. the quality of the players, I believe that he has brought this club as far as he can. This is mainly due to how stubborn the man is and the fact that he is unwilling to listen to other people. His handling of Babel a prime example. That boy was a talent when he first arrived and showed this durin the first half of that season. Benitez has gradually chipped away at babel's confidence to a point where he now looks like just an average player with brief glimpses of quality.

    He has had over a year to replace the departed robbie keane and has so far failed to do so, despite the fact that two transfer windows have passed. Limited funds??? £18 million on a right back that could have been used to reinforce our striking options. Johnson is good but not worth that much money! Spent £20 million on an injured Aquilani to replace Alonso, a player whom he knew wanted to leave since before last season ended. How many quality midfielders did benitez let slip through his fingers (Barry, Cana) before Alonso actually left. He didn't need to break the bank for either of these palyers!

    I think the man is becoming more and more erratic so it may well be time for a change of manager with fresh ideas.....new owners would also be nice!! Maybe then the club can reach the next level required to challenge for major silverware year after year.

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