Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tom Hicks, that paragon of virtue and sadly, joint owner of Liverpool has decided to speak to the press as I knew he would about the new sponsorship deal that M.D. Christian Purslow agreed with Banking giants Standard Charter yesterday.
Hicks was quoted on the PA as saying: ''You have to look at the cash flow not the accounting,''(in other words, the debt they have put on us)'' and we intend to operate Liverpool where it has a very strong strong positive cash flow so we have the resources to be as competitive as possible on the pitch--that's our commitment.''
What commitment?
The club itself is earning major amounts of money by being successful at home and in Europe so Hicks is saying he wants to use the clubs revenue, NOT HIS, to keep the club going.
He makes my blood boil, I see right through his smarmy small talk, the sooner he goes, the bankrupt buffoon, the better.
What do you think?
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  1. dont blame the big mouthed short arms yanks, the crooks are moores and parry, for 9mil they sold us d the river, and it will be a long time before we can compete with the likes of the big 4 , man u,, man city ,, arsenal ,, and chelsea ,, sad but so true ,, no stadium no big crowd and no money , i dont think mwe will finish in top 6 this season ,, graham from derby

  2. Graham, I hope you are wrong there.
    I believe we will have a good season despite not having the sendin power of our rivals, thanks for your comments though


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